• The Advantages of eBooks over Paperback Books

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    Times have changed ever since internet technology became the norm throughout the world. In fact, people’s lifestyles have been greatly influenced. It was just a few years back when people are often seen enjoying themselves out doors but now, most people would rather stay at home and enjoy posting anything on various social networking media like Facebook or Twitter. Even the way people read have been changed. Before, people were content with just reading conventional books and now, it has transitioned into people reading eBooks. So what is the advantage of an eBook from a traditional paperback anyway?

    • Storage: Paperback books can really take a lot of space especially if you are someone who loves reading books. But with eBooks, you can store various titles from different mediums like your laptop, your USB drive and anything similar.
    • Convenient: Obviously, carrying books can sometimes be encumbering unlike eBooks which does not even weigh that much since they are stored in your device.
    • Fast: It feels good to hold the book physically but then again, ordering a book often takes time and costs shipping fees. Though you would not be able to physically hold the eBook, you will be able to read it as soon as you download its contents.
    • Price: EBooks are more affordable than the paperback ones since they do not require that much resource unlike paperback books which requires paper and other materials to be manufactured and shipped.

    This does not mean to say that paperback books should no longer be manufactured but then again, the fact remains that eBooks have advantages over traditional books.

  • eBook Affiliate Program

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    Have you asked yourselves, how does an ebook affiliate program work? Read on to know more about this interesting topic!

    Those who are investing in ebooks are also known to be successful in ebook marketing. When selling an ebook, there are different ebook affiliate programs that you can take advantage of.

    Some people sell ebooks for different reason. There are those writer who would like to extent the market of their novel or other written materials. While others really want to gain more readership and clients for their businesses.

    Because ebook is very popular these days, utilizing it for business is an advantage. Ebook affiliate program exist because there are many people who are so into it. Lots of products nowadays can be found in the form of ebooks. There are ebooks that contain product or services reviews, an email list, link building list and so on. But when choosing an affiliate program, there are different factors to consider.

    For one, it should be something that you are really interested about so that it would be easier to market. You can also choose an ebook that you have already read or accessed. Something, knowledge is the key when it comes to increasing sales.

    Another thing to consider is the marketability. If an ebook is talking about a popular product or an interesting service, then there would probably more people wanting to buy it. Think of every reader as your clients and of course you want more clients because it is equal to revenue.

    These are just some of the factors to take into consideration but if you mean serious ebook business, then there are lots of things that need to be learn as time passes by.

  • eBooks: A Close Look to the Different Types

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    Technology has now made its way to make almost all things possible. Books, for example, used to be confined in a library but nowadays, it can be downloaded and read via computers, tablets or even thru mobile phones. Such books are now called as electronic books or “eBooks” for short.


    Flat eBooks

    This type has colors that are increasingly in nature and usually includes annotation features like highlighting and text note taking. Common vendors that can do this include Amazon, Inkling , and Kno (although each of these are creeping into the next class of eBook). Vendors usually will do conversion for free and then charge a slice of the proceeds. This can be a drawback, as can the fact that reading is done via a proprietary systems and most vendor do not share product analytics. Flat eBooks are a cost efficient way to get started as to being indulge with eBooks.

    Embedded media eBooks
    This class of eBook augments flat books with audio, video, and animations. They are semi-interactive, for example Cengage offers a physics “youBook”, textbook with graphs whose variables can be live manipulated but these are not interactive in a true sense. Vendors of this type includes Hurix and YuDu. Terms vary across the gamut of work for hire and royalty agreements. In this class too, you need not necessarily expect a lot of up front cost on software builds, but content adaptation can run from $5,000 to $50,000 with compiled app deployment being the most expensive and prices increasing as the number of media assets grows. Lower cost options are emerging, though. Inkling is getting into the space with Habitat . Apple is here too with iBooks Author .

    Interactive Books
    This class is termed as the next generation textbooks. True interactivity is 2-way and persistent. Viewing video isn’t interactive unless you can respond to it, and the system should remember and often react to those responses. Unfortunately, this class of book is largely aspirational at this point. There are only a number of vendors who can do this at a scale greater than per title custom application development. The best vendor among others would be the Vital Source Media Services who have managed to bridge Flash and HTML5 use cases while also keeping very strong print-eBook fidelity, which matters to industrial-scale publishers.

    Lots of types of eBooks are available and will soon be available all over the Internet. Whichever among those types makes you feel convenient and helpful, go for it. They are all books after all. But reading through computers and the like can harm your eyes so learn to use them moderately.

  • eBooks About Dating and Relationship

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    There are lots of ebooks that you can find online. You can download some for free while others come in a particular fee. If you would like to venture into ebooks business then you may want to consider ebooks with private label rights. But if you are just searching for ebooks as good online resource, then you can find a great collection from review sites.

    eBooks have different categories. It can be about finance such as investing and making money online, beauty and health, education, business or even about dating and relationship that may feature Oxford dating.

    If you are having a hard time free ebooks about dating, then you may want to searck for Steve Nakamoto‘s free ebook. It is a group of 3 ebooks which is full of uncanny advice on dating, relationships, communication, love and life success. He offers great content from a male perspective though. Nonetheless, the insights are smart, real and relevant.

    Dating Rocks! by Steve Nakamoto Free Ebook

    He is offering these 3 ebooks for free (via http://www.stevenakamoto.com/free-ebooks.html):
    1. Men Are Like Fish: What Every Woman Needs To Know About Catching A Man (Writer’s Digest Award-Winner)

    2. Talk Like A Winner! 21 Simple Rules For Achieving Everyday Communication Success

    3. Dating Rocks! The 21 Smartest Moves Women Make For Love (Writer’s Digest & USABookNews.com Award-Winner)

  • Free eBook – PLR Pro

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    Do you know the secrets to maximizing your PLR? Learn the 25 methods described in this book to boost traffic and make money.

    In PLR Pro : The Complete Guide to Maximizing Your PLR you will learn:
    What PLR is and how you can use it
    How to quickly rewrite PLR so that the search engines will love it
    The secret of getting professional quality articles at incredibly cheap prices
    25 Little known techniques to bring waves of traffic to your site
    Easy ways to use PLR to make you money at no cost

    If you are already using PLR then you need to read this book to get the most out of your PLR and
    if you don’t use PLR currently you will soon see while all Big Name Internet Marketers love it.

    Download the free eBook here!

  • Free eBook – Best oDesk Guide to Make More Money Online

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    Earning online has never been this easy! Use your skills to earn online through oDesk! This can be your perfect guide:

    Free eBookBest oDesk Guide to Make More Money Online!

    Best oDesk Guide to Make Money online

    If you want to make money online or earn extra income from the Internet, read the Blogging and Earning FAQ at M3O.

    Click the image above to download this eBook.

  • Free eBook: How to Use Google+ for Business

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    Google+ is the new social network on the block. With more than 40 million users and a growing influence on search, Google+ has definitely emerged as a key player in the online marketing ecosystem.

    New eBook: How to Use Google+ for Business

    Have You Built Your Google+ Business Page Yet?

    On November 7, Google+ opened its doors to companies, allowing them to build business pages and encouraging them to increase their following. Grab the new guide to learn how you can start using Google+ for business. 

    In this guide you’ll learn:

    • How to set up a Google+ business page
    • Marketing best practices with Google+
    • The benefits of Google+ in search
    • Google+ Circles & the value of segmentation
    • How to use the +1 button on your blog

    Download the free eBook here!

  • Free eBook Converter – PDFMYURL

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    Here is another free tool to create your own ebook: PDFMyURL

    You can go to www.pdfmyurl.com to convert web pages into eBooks! All for free! I’ve tried it and I’ll be sharing my comments at the end of this post.

    This is one of the pages in my Make More Money online website:

    Web Page Converted to PDF
    I converted it into .pdf file using PDFMYURL.com

    Here is the eBook created:

    HTML to PDF with PDFMyURL
    You can also download the actual copy here.

    As you may see, the eBook looks exactly as the web page. Having the the navigation bar and links in the sidebar is actually good because anyone reading the eBook can actually navigate to the website through the hyperlinks. The thing is, it copies even the unnecessary content such as comments, ads and sidebar.

    There is no option to customize your ebook because it literally converts html pages to .pdf file.

    Still, tt is a good online resource!

  • Free eBook Creator – Zinepal

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    Looking for an easy way to convert a website into an eBook? That’s easy with Zinepal, an all-around online eBook creator for free! You can convert HTML pages into .pdf with 3 easy steps:

    1. Enter the URL of the page you would like to convert into .pdf

    2. Customize or preview your eBook

    3. Finalize your eBook

    Free eBook Converter - HTML to PDF

    Unfortunately, some of the features are available for Premium users only. Though it is free to signup and use the ebook creator, there are limitations if you don’t have Pro Account. You can only create and eBook with 5 pages and you can’t upload your logo.

    If you have created your eBook without signing up yet, you can get a copy for $5 with full functionality. Therefore, Zinepal is good for just few pages on your website. But here’s a tip, you can create new pages on the ebook and copy more the page content of your website. This way, you can have plenty of site content in one eBook page. You just have to resourceful in using free tools such as free eBook creator online.

  • Free eBook: Social Traffic Powerhouse

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    Free E-Book - Social Traffic Powerhouse

    This e-book talks about social media and its worth for your online business. It shares tactics on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Flicker to get tons of traffic.

    Download the free eBook here!